What are the 10 developmental growth stages of human and their characteristics? (2023)

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What are the 10 developmental growth stages of human and their characteristics?

The following are the stages of development:
  • Infancy: This period extends from birth to 18 months of age. ...
  • Early childhood: This stage ranges from 18 months to 3 years. ...
  • Middle childhood: This stage extends from 3-5 years. ...
  • Late childhood: ...
  • Adolescence: ...
  • Early adulthood: ...
  • Mature adulthood: ...
  • Old age:

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What are the stages of human development and their characteristics?

  • Infancy (neonate and up to one year age)
  • Toddler ( one to five years of age)
  • Childhood (three to eleven years old) - early childhood is from three to eight years old, and middle childhood is from nine to eleven years old.
  • Adolescence or teenage (from 12 to 18 years old)
  • Adulthood.
Sep 3, 2022

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What are the 10 principles of human development?

Principles of Human Growth and Development:
  • Development is Continuous.
  • Development is Gradual.
  • Development is Sequential.
  • Rate of Development Varies Person to Person.
  • Development Proceeds from General to Specific.
  • Most Traits are Correlated in Development.
  • Growth and Development is a Product of Both Heredity and Environment.

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What are the 10 life stages?

The major stages of the human lifecycle include pregnancy, infancy, the toddler years, childhood, puberty, older adolescence, adulthood, middle age, and the senior years.

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What are the 10 stages of growth and development?

  • Infant Development.
  • Toddler Development.
  • Preschooler Development.
  • Middle Childhood Development.
  • Adolescent Development.
  • Adult Development.

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What is human development class 10 short answer?

“Human development is a process of enlarging the range of people's choices, increasing their opportunities for education, health care, income and empowerment and covering the full range of human choices from a sound physical environment to economic, social and political freedom.”

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What is development What are the characteristics of development class 10?

(i) Development is a comprehensive term which include increase in real per capita income, improvement in living standard of people, reduction in poverty, illiteracy, crime rate, etc. (a) Different persons have different developmental goals. (b) Income is a major component of development.

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What are the 8 characteristics of human development?

What Are the Eight Stages of Human Development?
  • Stage 1 — Infancy: Trust vs. ...
  • Stage 2 — Toddlerhood: Autonomy vs. ...
  • Stage 3 — Preschool Years: Initiative vs. ...
  • Stage 4 — Early School Years: Industry vs. ...
  • Stage 5 — Adolescence: Identity vs. ...
  • Stage 6 — Young Adulthood: Intimacy vs. ...
  • Stage 7 — Middle Adulthood: Generativity vs.

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What are the main characteristics of development?

These are:
  • It is a continuous process.
  • It follows a particular pattern like infancy, childhood, adolescence, maturity.
  • Most traits are correlated in development.
  • It is the result of interaction of individual and environment.
  • It is predictable.
  • It is both quantitative and qualitative.

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What are the four characteristics of development class 10?

(ii) What may be development for one may not be development for the other. It may be destructive for the other. (iii) Income is the most important component of development, but along with income, people also seek equal treatment, good health, peace, literacy, etc. (iv) For development, people look at mixed goals.

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What is the importance of human development class 10?

It is necessary to determine social measures of development for calculating the overall development of a nation. Human Development Index measures the socio economic factors and therefore, is considered very effective in measuring the performance of a country in terms of these factors.

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Who outlined the 10 stages of life span?

Piaget framed these stages in terms of problems children can or cannot solve. At each stage, children reorganize their ability to understand the world. It's not that they know “less” than adults do, it's that they know “differently.” 5.

What are the 10 developmental growth stages of human and their characteristics? (2023)
What are the 9 stages of human development?

The average human life span falls into nine stages:
  • prenatal development.
  • infancy and toddlerhood.
  • early childhood.
  • middle childhood.
  • adolescence.
  • early adulthood.
  • middle adulthood.
  • late adulthood.

How many developmental stages were described?

Developmentalists break the life span into nine stages as follows: Prenatal Development. Infancy and Toddlerhood. Early Childhood.

What are the three characteristics of development class 10?

(1) Development is the continuous process that takes place regularly. (2) The growth in the process of development varies from one person to the other depending on the health, genetic characters and the food they consume. (3) Development follows the correct pattern in the growth as infancy to the death.

What is a development class 10?

Development is a process that creates growth, brings in progress and positive change. Development is a healthy sign. Two aspects of development are. Economic growth or increase in people's income. Social progress includes literacy, health and the provision of public services.

What is human development class 10 with examples?

ii Human development indicates that the human mind becomes efficient to perform task of highly skilled nature when proper education is provided to them and a healthy life style is available. iii For example Every human being has a basic right to get a good education and better health facilities.

What is development class 10 summary?

Development. Growth of economy along with the improvement in the quality of life of the people like health, education etc. Per capita income. Is the average income obtained as the ratio between National Income and Population of a country.

What is human development class 10 brainly?

Answer: Human development is the science that seeks to understand how and why the people of all ages and circumstances change or remain the same over time. It involves studies of the human condition with its core being the capability approach.

What is human development index class 10?

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a single index measure that aims to record the three key dimensions of human development: access to knowledge, a decent standard of living, and long and healthy life. In other words, the Human Development Index is practiced to measure how development has improved human life.

What are the 12 human development approaches?

There are four distinct human development approaches the income approach, welfare approach, capability approach, and basic needs approach.

What are the 7 characteristics of human life?

The seven characteristics what makes an organism living are: Environmental responses, cells, change and growth, reproduction, having complex chemistry, and homeostasis and energy processing.

What is development and its characteristics?

Development is a process that creates growth, progress, positive change or the addition of physical, economic, environmental, social and demographic components.

What are 5 characteristics of development?

5 Main Areas of Child Development
  • cognitive development,
  • social and emotional development,
  • speech and language development,
  • fine motor skill development, and.
  • gross motor skill development.
Dec 3, 2020

What are the six characteristics of development?

Our new Thrive philosophy is born from six stages of human development: social-emotional, intellectual, moral, psychological, physical, and spiritual.

What are characteristics Class 10?

Definition: Characteristics are the distinguishing features of an organism.

What is the importance of sustainable development 10 points?

Sustainable development practices help countries grow in ways that adapt to the challenges posed by climate change, which will in turn help to protect important natural resources for ours and future generations. By the year 2050, it is estimated that our global population will likely reach 9 billion people.

What is sustainable development Class 10 short?

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

What are the 9 stages of growth and development?

The average human life span falls into nine stages:
  • prenatal development.
  • infancy and toddlerhood.
  • early childhood.
  • middle childhood.
  • adolescence.
  • early adulthood.
  • middle adulthood.
  • late adulthood.

How is growth different from development 10?

A quantitative increase in size is called growth. A net increase in object size or mass. Development is a process in which physical-economic, environmental, social, and demographic components are generated through growth, improvement, positive change, or addition.

What stage of development is 10?

As children reach the age of 10, many will start to think of themselves as being almost teenagers. While some 10-year-olds will start looking and acting more mature, others will remain more child-like, both physically and emotionally. "Ten-year-olds are emerging adolescents.

What are the five characteristics of growth and development?

The following are the important characteristics of development
  • Development is a continuous process. ...
  • 3. Development proceeds from general to specific responses. ...
  • Most traits are correlated in development. ...
  • There are wide individual differences in growth pattern. ...
  • Development is predictable.

What are the factors of human growth and development?

Factors Affecting The Growth And Development Of Children
  • Heredity : ...
  • Environment : ...
  • Gender : ...
  • Hormones : ...
  • Exercise : ...
  • Nutrition :

What are the 8 stages of human growth and development?

The 8 stages of life
  • Infancy.
  • Toddlerhood.
  • Preschool years.
  • Early school years.
  • Adolescence.
  • Young adulthood.
  • Middle adulthood.
  • Late adulthood.

What are the 8 developmental stages explain each?

Understanding Erikson's 8 Stages of Development

Preschool-age – Initiative versus guilt. School-age – Industry versus inferiority. Adolescence – Identity versus identity confusion. Young adulthood – Intimacy versus isolation.

What are the 7 aspects of human development?

The aspects of development could be many but the most important development aspects are physical development, cognitive development, language development, social development, emotional development, moral development, and gender development.

What are the four components of human growth and development class 12?

Ans. The four components of human development are- Equity, sustainability, productivity and empowerment. (a) Equity- Equity refers to making equal access to opportunities available to everybody.

How many types of human development are there?

Human development is a lifelong process of physical, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional growth and change.


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